Should I Cover My Outside Grill? Considerations for Using!!!

should i cover my outside grill

A patio grill is essential to enjoy the hot summer eves with family. When it comes to the coldest season of the year, most will confuse about the maintenance of such a grill. Should I cover my outside grill? If this is the question in your recent search bar, we are going to help you with this article. 

Proper measures taken in the maintenance of a grill are essential to use it for a lifelong period with lesser technical problems. In a way, it saves your money too. If you clean the grill after every use, it will function in its original condition serving you the most delicious barbeque. 

Should I Cover My Outside Grill?

Weather resistance may vary according to the brand. But in general, this question has a direct “Yes.” Irrespective of the location and the climate of the place, a covering will protect the grill from harsh sunlight and rain. Rain, moisture, and snow will result in rusting the surfaces of the grill, and it will weaken the durability of your beloved grill.

Another reason is that the cover stands as a protection layer against contaminating the grilling surface with dirt, dust, and debris. If it is an outside grill, there may be natural things failing in, like the dried leaves and pollens, for instance. There is also a high possibility of getting impurified with birds’ waste materials and pet dirt when the grill is kept uncovered.

Sometimes animals like squirrels, birds, and ants will find your grill as a safe dwell and start living there if you keep it uncovered for a long period. If there are trees nearby, sometimes their sap droplets may fall into the grill and will cause damage. 

Therefore, it is essential to cover an outside grill with a suitable cover when not in use. It will help you to make last the grill over its average lifespan and will reduce the repairing costs. A covered grill provides fewer chances of food poisoning by mixing various waste materials and harmful substances of animals. 

Can a Grill be Left Outside in the Winter?

Whether you cover it with a waterproof cover, the best place for the grill to rest in the winter times, is inside your house. There is no harm when storing it indoors. The only thing you have to make sure of is to place the propane tank of gas grills outside your house. It is dangerous to store a propane tank inside as it may leak the gas and start a fire when you introduce an ignition point; this may be a simple switching on of an outlet. 

What Kind of Cover is Suitable for My Grill?

If you want it to last longer, when purchasing, avoid the materials that are prone to wearing easily. Sometimes animals like birds and chip monks will try to tear parts of your cloth and use those in their dwells for a warmer nest. This will make unknown holes in the covering, and the inside will be covered with moisture. 

Therefore, a material that is hard to tear is the best match for a grill cover. You can use a cover made of nylon with waterproof quality or select a polyester made with the same quality. There are also canvas covers suitable for this purpose. You also can find covers that have a UV-proofing layer. Likewise, there are many options in the market. But do not prefer a cheap cover made with low-quality materials if you really want to receive the purpose of the covering. 

Where Can I Purchase a Grill Cover?

If you purchase a brand-new grill, you can ask for a cover from the company you buy it. In most cases, the manufacturers are responsible for their products and use high-quality fabric in their custom-made grill covers.

Therefore, we suggest that you should go for a reputable brand after researching the market with reviews and prior inspections. Whether you may find a considerable difference between a custom grill cover and one available with another party, the most profitable way is the first type when it comes to durability and safety. There are fewer chances of fraud from a reputable brand, and they always stand for their guarantee. You should never fear purchasing from such a company. 

If you are going to purchase a cover from the market, remember that a specific cover is not designed for your grill type exactly. Those kinds of covers aim for a wide range of grills and brands. Therefore, such a cover may not be the right fit for your outdoor grill. You will have to search for hours and could still end with a cover that has no exact measurements of your grill. But the expense will be relatively less for the covers manufactured by third parties.

Does Covering a Grill Make It Rust?

If your residence presents a high humidity in the surrounding, you will need to remove the cover at least once a month and wipe all the moisture well. If there is remaining moisture without wiping off, there is a high chance of rusting. 

How do I Winterize My Grill?

It would be better if you keep the grill inside a garage or a storeroom to protect it from snow and rain. You should apply oil to the grill surfaces and burner when storing to prevent rusting. It is also recommended to wrap the burners with plastic wrapping, if possible, to minimize the harm from rusting. 

Where Should I Store My Propane Grill in the Winter?

You should remove the connection of the propane tank and take the grill inside while keeping the propane tank in a shelter outside the house. Make sure the tank stays at least 10 feet away from your house. You should open the windows in the store area and allow proper air transformation to minimize the risk of fire due to gas leakage. 


Should I cover my outside grill? Yes, you should. To find the method and some value info on handling grills in different climates, you should refer to this article. 

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