Can You Use a Blackstone Griddle Indoors? Here Is The Method

Can you use a Blackstone griddle indoors

When it is time to renew the air, a family gathering in your backyard would be ideal. If you have a Blackstone griddle, it is the probable selection of many when it comes to the wide range of food that could be prepared when compared to a grill. Can you use a Blackstone griddle indoors? This may be a problem you sometimes wonder about when you are concerned about the easy preparation of various foods at once. 

Blackstone griddles are manufactured by Blackstone Products Inc, which was founded in 2005. The company is a pioneer in outdoor cooking utensils. Their griddle is a famous product when it comes to efficiency.

The material which a Blackstone griddle is made up of distributes the same amount of heat to all directions until the very ends. Cold-rolled steel in the flat cooking surface makes every egg you put there cook at the same temperature, and this is a treasure when it comes to bulk cooking. 

Can You Use a Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

Before using any outdoor appliance indoors, it is necessary to check whether the fuel, way of heating and flames to matches the indoor atmosphere. This will reduce the risk of fires. 

On that conscience, can you use a Blackstone griddle indoors is a question that has a huge NO. The company itself has stated the fact. But if you try grilling inside your kitchen, then at least you must take enough safety precautions. We will be describing those later in this article. 

Why a Blackstone Griddle Cannot be Used Indoors?

Let’s investigate why you cannot use Blackstone Griddle indoors.

The fuel used

The fuel used in a Blackstone griddle is Propane. Propane is responsible for forming Carbon Monoxide, which is a poisonous gas. The inhaling of Carbon Monoxide displays oxygen in blood cells and thus results in less blood supply to the brain, heart and other organs. 

Carbon Monoxide is formed by the partial combustion of Propane in a Blackstone griddle. It is very important to know that Carbon Monoxide is an odourless gas. It could be detected once inhaled only. Common symptoms of this poisonous inhale are shortness of breath, chest pain, vomiting, loss of consciousness, dizziness and headache. If you have these symptoms, you must call for emergencies immediately. 

A new energy source

Natural gas is used in most households. But if you want to griddle inside your house, you will need to locate a propane cylinder too. Keeping Propane inside a house is dangerous as its leakage has a higher possibility of causing a fire. 

The enclosed environment

Inside a house, there is no proper ventilation. If harmful gasses form or the latent grease vapour is produced inside a house, unlike an open ground, the concentration and the spread of those particles becomes high. This makes the house extremely exposed to fire whenever the fire triangle is completed. 

Mess in the workplace

The oil used will make grease. This grease would pop around or drop on the floor. This will make your kitchen countertops and floor dirty with oils. You will surely have a lot of cleaning afterwards. So, if you are using a Blackstone griddle for efficiency, it becomes pointless when compared with cleaning. 

Gas leakage

When the valves are not tightly closed, or when they wear out due to ageing, there could be a propane leakage. If a propane leakage occurs when a spike is introduced accidentally, the whole kitchen will be on flames. 

If you are using an outdoor Blackstone griddle indoors often, then you need to do regular checkups on the valves. If you do not have the knowledge to do this check, do not hesitate to get the help of a technician. 

How to use a Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

We thoroughly advise you not to use any griddle designed for outdoor use inside your house. But in case of any emergency uses, please follow the safety measures we have noted below. 

  • Avoid using the griddle near open flames like your stove, any electrical devices, or outlets. If there is a gas leakage, a simple ignition would make a fire and extend it to the whole interior. 
  • Do not keep the Blackstone griddle directly on the floor. Use any non-heat conducting surface to keep the grill. Make sure the surface is flattened evenly. Laminate flooring, countertops of stainless steel (or any metal) or wooden structures can conduct heat, and if so, there would be non-reversible damages.
  • Whenever you are using an outdoor-designed Blackstone griddle inside, the place must be properly ventilated. As we discussed in a previous paragraph, Carbon Monoxide and gas vapour could be formed. When on such occasions, if there are enough opened windows or doors, the gas will move outside. If your kitchen area has a fan, turn it on because that way, the removal of any poisonous gas could be done more efficiently. 
  • The griddle must be kept far from the reach of your children and pets. The griddle will become extremely hot when cooking, and if a child unknowingly touches such a surface, it will cause burning injuries. 
  •  It would help if you kept the propane cylinder outside the kitchen wall. You can make a hole, take the tube inside, and connect it to the griddle. This is one of the safest ways to follow to decrease the risks of propane leakage. 
  • If you want a griddle for long-term use inside, then you can go for an electric model of Blackstone griddles. 

Can You Use a Blackstone Griddle in the Garage?

As we discussed earlier, a covered place or place inside a house becomes suitable for the usage of a griddle when only those places have excellent ventilation. If you are going to use a Blackstone griddle in a garage, open all the windows and doors to allow air to circulate. 


Blackstone griddles that are only for outdoor usage should never be used indoors. If you are doing so in an immediate situation, make sure you follow the safety tips that we have explained in this article with the reasons to do so.  

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