What are Mulled Windows? (Advantages & Factors)

what are mulled windows

So, what are mulled windows? Mulling windows is the process of merging two or more windows together and creating one large adjoining window. There are many advantages you get from mulled windows. This article will discuss all the information you need to consider before making any changes to your home by mulling windows. Keep reading to get to know more.

What are Mulled Windows?

As we said, mulled windows join two or more windows to get a large one. They are normally joined with the frames. This will give your home a clean, modern look. They can be pre-made in a factory or on-site during the home renovation.

Window mulling brings a dramatic look to your home with a unique fashionable twist. You can customize it as per your preference. There are many limitations and risks to consider before deciding to remodel your home by mulling the windows, and you can have many benefits too.

If your home faces magnificent scenery, then you can think of mulling your windows to make the most out of the scenery. It will give a better look at the scenery from the inside of your house and add value if you are planning on selling it. 

All you have to do is be a little creative, and you will have a gorgeous living space. However, if you are a complete newbie to mulling windows, we highly recommend you have a discussion with a professional before taking things into your hand.

One of the main advantages of mulling windows is that they will allow more light into your home with better air circulation. It will also add an expensive look and improve the mood of your home. The mulled windows will enhance the house’s interior and exterior. So if you are considering mulling your windows, go for it, but as we said, consult a professional first.

Are Mulled Windows Strong?

If you are planning to have mulled windows in your home, you may be curious to know whether they are strong and whether the wall can hold a significantly large window. 

The answer is that the window’s strength will depend mainly on the contractor’s make and design of the support around the window. So it would help if you chose a contractor with previous experience in mulling windows.

Mulling windows is a process that is tricky and complicated. The windows’ support should be created so that the wall can hold a larger window. If not, it will tend to collapse. That is where you should count on the experience of the contractor and the materials you use for the process also have a direct correlation with the strength of the mulled windows.

Can All Windows be Mulled?

Even though mulled windows give your home a clean and elegant look, you can’t mull all the windows of your house. There are specific types of windows that you can mull. 

If the resulting window comes out extremely large and heavy, it is better to avoid mulling those windows as the wall will not be able to hold them. In addition, the glass of the window should not be heavy as it will tend to collapse.

If you are thinking of mulling the windows of the second floor, it is better to put that on hold as it is impossible because the windows of the second floor should be smaller than those of the first floor. So that it will not do any damage to the structure of your home. Moreover, you can’t mull the corner windows.

Do Mulled Windows Cost More?

Normally, if two things are combined, the resulting one should cost you less than having two. Isn’t it? But it is not the case with mulled windows, even though it involves joining two or more into one. 

It will be more expensive to mull windows because the mull windows should have a wall frame that will require more work and materials. Also, you will have to hire a professional to design the mulled windows. 

Additionally, since the process requires an experienced contractor, it is guaranteed to cost more; such contractors will charge more. That said, if you ask us if the mulled windows are worth it? Yes, as long as the additional bucks are not an issue for you.

What is Factory Mulled Windows?

As we have mentioned before, the windows can be mulled in the factory or on the home construction site. So, the factory mulled windows are the ones being mulled at the factory. If you have factory mulled windows, choosing a company with a good reputation is better.

Mulled vs Non-mulled Windows

As the name suggests, you can easily recognize the difference between the two types of windows, mulled vs non-mulled windows.

Mulled windows combine two or more windows to have one larger window, whereas non-mulled windows are single ones that can’t mull. 

The mulled windows come with a large, heavy frame that should be strong enough to hold the window to the wall. It is more expensive than having non-mulled windows. This is not the best choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly remodel or window replacement.

You can achieve many benefits from mulled windows compared to non-mulled ones, even though it is slightly costly. You will get more sunlight into the house, and you will have a clean appearance to your home with an inviting feel.

Having non-mulled windows will block the outside scenery, whereas the mulled windows will allow you to enjoy the gorgeous scenery if you are living in that kind of place.

Mulled windows will make your home visually pleasant with an interesting architectural design and boost more value to your home. Most importantly, it will highlight the interior of your home.

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