What Does Soy Milk Taste Like? – All You Need To Know 

what does soy milk taste like

Are you considering soy milk as an alternative option for cow’s milk? Yes, that’s a great idea since it can benefit your health, given the bundle of nutrients it offers. But what does soy milk taste like? Obviously, it would be unimaginable to drink a glass of awful milk every day (eww!) 

So what does it taste like? Good or bad? 

Well, we are about to get into a detailed discussion as we move further into this article. 

Stick around to learn the taste spectrum of soy milk and if it is worth switching to it. 

Let’s get into the context straight up. 

What is Soy Milk?

Before we discuss the taste of soy milk, let us first take a quick look at its origin. It’ll help you comprehend the real taste better. 

Soy milk (aka soya milk) is derived from whole soybeans. 

Soybeans are soaked, ground, boiled, and filtered to obtain milk. 

It acts as an excellent substitute for cow’s milk. (People with dairy allergies are fortunate) 

Even if you are perfectly fine with consuming dairy products, soy milk can be a good option. It has rich nutritional value and is low in fat. 

Since it is 100% plant-based, vegans have nothing to worry about. 

Regardless of dietary preference and age, soy milk makes an excellent milk option for anyone. 

Now let’s get to how it tastes before we actually hop in to try it out. 

Is it worth trying? We’re about to find that out. 

What is Soy Milk Supposed to Taste Like? 

There are plenty of brands of soy milk in the market today that come in various types of flavors. 

So when it comes down to the taste, each brand has a unique taste since they all have a special formula. 

But what is the real taste of soy milk, excluding all the additional variants? 

Contrary to how people expect it to taste like soybeans, soy milk tastes very similar to cow’s milk with traces of bean flavor. 

The natural soy milk with no added flavors and additional variants will have a gritty color and thick creamy consistency with hints of a nutty taste. 

Is Soy Milk an Acquired Taste? 

Yes, soy milk has an acquired taste. 

However, commercial brands add several edible variants to make it delicious. So if you are not a fan of the acquired taste of soy milk, you need not worry. 

If you are planning on purchasing a soy milk maker and making your own glass of soy milk at home, be aware you will only produce milk with an acquired taste. Not with the taste of how the commercially produced milk tastes. 

What Does Soy Milk Taste Like? 

You may have come across two kinds of people. 

“Oh wow! I absolutely love how soy milk tastes. I almost couldn’t tell that this wasn’t cow’s milk.” 

“Ewww… this tastes like a plant, not like milk at all.” 

And you might have been confused. WHAT is the truth? What does soy milk taste like? 

Well, both kinds of people you may have come across might be right. Why you may ask. 

Well, the taste of soy milk depends on the brand. Brands don’t sell soy milk directly after extraction. They put the milk through different procedures before finally packaging it. 

To enhance the taste and mask the natural bean/ plant-ish flavor with other edible variants like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc. 

And it really does a great job of transitioning the soy milk into a delicious delicacy. 

So what does soy milk taste, you ask? 

The natural soy milk will taste like regular milk with a bean flavor. It will be creamy and thick. 

You can use it for drinking or adding to other foods like oats, cereal, etc. 

Does Soy Milk Taste Sweet? 

Many people tend to think that soy milk has a bitter taste. But really? Nope. 

Soy milk is naturally sweet even when there are no additional sweeteners added. 

However, the natural sweetness is not dominant. 

The natural milk will have a sweet hint to put it more precisely.

You can find both sweetened and unsweetened milk per your preference. 

Nevertheless, the takeaway is that soy milk is not bitter. 

The unsweetened soy milk itself has traces of sweetness. 

Why Does Soy Milk Taste So Bad? 

Not necessarily. 

The natural soy milk with no added flavors and sweeteners indeed tastes not so good. The plant-ish flavor and creamy consistency do not satisfy our taste buds. 

However, soy milk with added flavors and sweeteners tastes way better. 

If you are wondering why your soy milk tastes so bad after trying it for the first time, switch to another brand and choose your milk with a flavor of your preference. 

How to Make Soy Milk Taste Better? 

If you don’t like the way your soy milk tastes, there are ways you can use it to make it taste better. 

Let’s get rolling with the list of ways. 

  • Heat the milk before consumption. This will break down many enzymes and significantly lose the bean and plant-like flavor. It is recommended to heat the milk until it steams. 
  • Add an external flavor like cocoa powder, cinnamon, blueberry, vanilla beans, strawberries and etc. sweeten the milk with sugar or any other sweetener per your preference. 
  • Add yogurt if you love dairy drinks. All you have to do is mix the yogurt with the milk well and drink it up. 
  • Add the milk to the smoothies. 

Does Soy Milk Taste Like Vanilla? 

If the soy milk contains added vanilla flavor, then yes, it will taste like vanilla. 

But soy milk alone, with no vanilla flavor added, will not taste like vanilla. 


Soy milk is a delicious alternative to cow’s milk with its excellent nutritional content and plant-based production. The taste of soy milk depends on its commercial brand. However, natural soy milk tastes like cow’s milk with a bean flavor, thick and creamy in texture.

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