What Is A Deck Mount Faucet? Common Types of Faucets Explained

What Is A Deck Mount Faucet

We fix the pipe/ tube carrying liquid or gas to the faucet, and the faucets control the fluid flow. The spout contains a valve that you can operate manually to control liquid flow. There are various types of faucets, and you can mount them mainly in two ways. In this article, we will discuss what is a deck mount faucet.

Types of Faucets

You can classify faucets according to the shape, the features available, and the quality. There are a significant amount of faucet designs available in the market. All those faucets fall into four main types. Let’s now see the four types in detail,

  • Ball faucet- single-handled, and the cap is ball-shaped. You can control the temperature (hot/ cold) by moving the handle sideways, and you have to lift the handle to control water flow. The ball faucet corrodes, leaks, and wears off more quickly than another faucet; hence you must have proper maintenance.
  • Disk faucet- this is the best faucet in today’s market which requires less maintenance and is reliable. There are two discs located at the bottom and inside the faucet, which help control the temperature. The pressure balance cartridge (chamber) contains a mixture of hot and cold water in equal proportions. You have to move the handle side by side to control the temperature and lift to control water flow.
  • Cartridge faucet- these faucets have single/ double handles options. You can choose them according to your preference. Half turns of the handle control the water flow.
  • Compression faucet- this is the faucet that uses the old technique to control water flow; you have to turn the knob completely to control the water flow. This faucet is cheap and easily found, but it quickly wears off, and often it requires a repair.

There are eight types of faucets that you can use in the kitchen,

  • Pull down faucet
  • Pull out faucet
  • Single-handled faucet
  • Dual-handled faucet’
  • Commercial styled faucet
  • Separate spray faucet
  • Pot filler faucet
  • Motion detection faucet

You can mount the faucets in two ways. Wall mounting and deck mounting can make you understand the different types of mounting when fixing faucets at your home since they will help make work easy. Continue reading to learn what is a deck mount faucet and wall mount faucet.

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What Is A Deck Mount Faucet?

This article will provide you with information about a deck mount faucet. Most of the faucets in the kitchen will be deck mounted, and the faucet will be attached either to the countertop directly or to the sink.

The deck mounting method is convenient to install. In a place with no wall behind the sink, the only way to mount a faucet is to use the deck mounting method. Deck mount faucets are the most known as the traditional way of installing faucets.

What Is A Wall-mounted Faucet?

You have to fix the faucet directly to the wall using this method. Wall mount faucets make the work easy; they are flexible and do not disturb the countertop as you will not fix any parts of the tap on it. Maintenance of wall mount faucets is also easy compared to deck mounted faucets.

Common Parts Of A Faucet

Gaining knowledge about what is a deck mount faucet and wall-mount faucets are not enough. You must also know what the parts are available in a tap, the list below shows the commonly available parts in almost all the faucets.

  • Cartridges and stems
  • Aerators and flow restrictors
  • Washing kits and washers
  • Escutcheons and Flanges
  • O rings and O ring kits
  • Caps and index Buttons
  • Faucet handles
  • Faucet spouts
  • Dishwasher air gaps
  • Faucet balls and cams
  • Faucet hardware
  • Faucet adapters

How To Install A Deck Mounted Faucet?

Installation of a deck-mounted faucet will differ according to the kind of faucet you purchase from the market. Single-hole mixing fittings, mixing tee installation, center set, single basin fitting, and pop-up drain installation are some installation methods the plumbers use to fix deck-mounted faucets.

A plumber knows well about what is a deck mount faucet and what method to use when selecting different varieties of faucets.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Deck Mounted Faucets

Th main advantage of a deck-mounted faucet is easy installation. The deck-mounted tap is easy to clean, and if you need to fill up large containers for the broader motion of water, these faucets are helpful. Occupying the workspace is less, and you have a variety of selections when purchasing a deck-mounted faucet.

There are also some disadvantages of deck-mounted faucets. Installing modern large deck-mounted faucets will make the cost high as you need to have a larger countertop, the size of the sink will also change accordingly (customizing a deck-mounted tap according to your kitchen will reduce this cost).

Fixing repairs are the most challenging part. You cannot do this yourself without acquiring sound knowledge. Get the help of a plumber to fix leaks. Deck-mounted faucets take a space on the countertop, which will be a disturbance when working or cleaning the countertop.

We use faucets daily at home, kitchen, washroom and elsewhere; therefore, when purchasing faucets, it is essential to check on the quality, durability, efficiency, space consumption, cost, and whether the type you have selected will fulfil your requirements.

You must be able to use the faucet for a longer time. Consider the need when purchasing a tap for the kitchen. It would be best to have particular types of faucets that differ to make your chore easy. If you don’t have much space in your kitchen or washroom, you can customize the tap so that it does not occupy more space.

When you purchase faucets for a meager price, their quality will also be low; hence you will not be able to use them for a longer time, and they may corrode or leak. Therefore, consider all the necessary aspects when purchasing a faucet.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article and were able to learn about the faucet, the parts, installation, and many more! So, What Is A Deck Mount Faucet? you know the answer, right?


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