What Size PEX for Shower? Read This First!!!

what size pex for shower

PEX plumbing has become a popular pick among the crowd as it utilizes minimal additional accessories. As of its high rate of flexibility, the lines do not want elbows or any other connecting parts in the corners or bends. Hence, PEX plumbing is a solution for the higher costs of PVC plumbing. With this innovative introduction, people also get the benefit of easy installation. So, what size PEX for shower? This is a frequent question that everyone meets when they use PEX for the water supply system in houses. We are going to clarify the answer with some additional points. 

What is PEX?

We all are familiar with the PVC waterlines in our households. PEX, which was brought to the world by Dr. Thomas Engel in 1968, can be named a revolutionary change in plumbing mechanisms. It is a sort of plastic line composed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). 

PEX is used not only in plumbing but also in radiant panel heating systems, hydronic heating, and SIM systems to melt snow and ice on the roads. There is a wide variety of diameters, and you can purchase in the range of 3/8 inches – 1 inch. 

There are many advantages of PEX systems. When compared with the other materials used in plumbing, the material cost and installation time are considerably low. The flexibility, durability, and chances of leaking are also minimal. 

Is PEX OK for Shower?

The old-fashioned galvanized pipelines are a real headache as the renovations take too much effort and time. You have now got a superior solution for replacing traditional plumbing that uses steel, copper, PVC, or any other costly material. The innovator, PEX, has been able to receive the limelight in a short period since its introduction. 

Renovating or using PEX for a brand-new shower is possible. As the pipe installation will make you spend less, and the maintenance is cheaper, this could be your most budget-friendly option. The ability to resist the harsh coldness in minus degrees is also higher here, and the extremely high heat will not affect PLEX. As there are not any joints in the line, leaking is a rare scenario in PLEX plumbing. 

What Size PEX for Shower?

As we discussed, you are capable of purchasing PEX with diameters starting from 3/8 inches to 1 inch. The diameter of the PEX pipes must tally with the shower diameters for an adequate and non-leaking connection. In general, the shower fixture’s diameter will be ¾ inches; therefore, you can choose either ½ inch or ¾ inch as the diameter of the PEX lines. If it is for domestic usage, these measurements will match so well. 

The low water pressure technique is an ideal method of water consumption as it reduces the amount of water that flows out in a unit of time. If you want to reduce the pressure along with the new pipe installation with PEX, you can use a diameter that is smaller than the shower fixture.

If the shower fixture is ¾ inches in diameter, introducing a ½ inch PEX pipe will contribute to lowering the pressure of the shower head. But you must be aware in this situation that the time you have to dedicate to your everyday washings will increase as the water comes slowly. On the contrary, ¾ inch PEX line will allow you to work with the same water pressure. 

The manifolds that distribute hot and cold water are a fact to be considered when selecting the correct size of the PEX type. It is recommended by skilled technicians to select a PEX line with a smaller diameter than the diameter of the manifolds. If the manifold junction is widened for ¾ inches, you can use three types of PEX: ¾ inch, ½ inch, or 3/8 inch. 

PEX Sizing Chart

Knowing the features like the diameter, thickness, and weight of the PEX pipes is crucial to choose the best for your desire. We have given the table below, which satisfies the ASTM F 876 standard. All the measurements are denoted in inches.

Nominal diameter Outer diameter Wall






3/8 0.5 0.075 0.35 0.05
½ 0.625 0.075 0.475 0.06
¾ 0.875 0.102 0.671 0.1
1 1.125 0.13 0.865 0.16
1 – ¼ 1.375 0.16 1.055 0.25
1 – ½ 1.625 0.19 1.245 0.35
2 2.125 0.248 1.629 0.6

You must select the appropriate continuing with the correct diameter to maintain the pressure of your household sinks, taps, and showers. 

Does PEX Size Affect Water Pressure?

The PEX size will determine water pressure. As we discussed in a previous paragraph, you must select the matching PEX diameter for the fixtures and the manifolds. We have also given a chart that would make the work easier. 

The distance from the manifold to the desired area is also a fact to be considered in selecting the matching diameter of the PEX you use. In general, if the manifolds are situated within 250 feet, the pressure given by a 3/8-inch line will be enough to travel the distance. If there is more distance and if it is within 350 feet boundary, you will have to use a wider type, and probably a ½ inch diameter would be effective in providing you with a constant flow. 

What Size PEX for Main Water Line?

The recommendation by the specialists is to use a ½ and ¾ PEX pipelines for the main water supply lines to maintain the water flow. If you are renovating an old pipe system with PEX, you can use the newer ones with less diameter than the previous lines with the help of an adapter. 

What Size PEX for Sink?

PEX lines with a 3/8-inch diameter are suitable for a sink to maintain low pressure and reduce wastage when you are washing your hands or doing the dishes. You can make it larger if you want more water pressure in your kitchen sink. 

What Size PEX for Washing Machine?

When the diameters of the PEX lines are small, the water receiving speed will also reduce. Washing machines need a high-speed water supply than kitchen sinks and showers. Therefore, you should use ½ inch pipes here. 

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