What Styrofoam Cups Are Microwave Safe – Read Before Using

What Styrofoam Cups Are Microwave Safe

A microwave oven will make you work super easy as you will be able to reheat the food and also you can cook. One of the most important things you must consider while placing food in the microwave is whether you are using a microwave-safe dish. In this article, you will learn what Styrofoam cups are microwave safe.

If you have experienced the worst consequences after placing any dish that is not microwave safe, then you might know why it is essential to know about microwave safe dishes. Placing improper containers in the microwave oven will not be suitable for your health, and also, some dishes might crack. This article will significantly look at what Styrofoam cups are microwave safe as this will help you to figure out whether you can place any Styrofoam containers in the oven.

Similar to the essential utensils that you use in the kitchen. Currently, the microwave has also become one of them. Especially in America, almost all households will use a microwave. There are several benefits that you gain by using a microwave. On the other hand, you must also consider its maintenance and whether the containers you use are microwave safe.

If you are wondering what Styrofoam cups are microwave safe, then by reading this article, you can gain some knowledge on it. If you are busy with your life schedule, a microwave might be your best companion as this will help to make the cooking process, and if there is any leftover food in the refrigerator, you can also reheat them. Let’s also look at what Styrofoam cups are microwave safe.

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What Is Styrofoam 

The polystyrene foam that many building industries use is called Styrofoam. Currently, you may see many containers made from polystyrene. These containers are disposable. Most restaurants and the food industries use these Styrofoam containers to deliver takeaway food packs as they keep the food warm.

Although these containers are highly convenient, they are not eco-friendly, and the styrene in them will harm humans and animals. If you are trying to place these Styrofoam containers in the microwave, then better to know what Styrofoam cups are microwave safe.

What Styrofoam Cups Are Microwave Safe

You might have read or heard that Styrofoam containers are not microwave safe in most places. Because when you try to heat food in the Styrofoam container, the container may soften and even melt. In contrast, you also can place some Styrofoam cups in the microwave. Are you wondering how to identify whether the Styrofoam cup is microwave safe? Check whether the Styrofoam cup contains a microwave safe symbol. If yes, then you can use it for reheating.

There are two types of Styrofoam containers one is the EPS, and the other is XPS. Let’s look at these two and whether you can use them in the microwave.

  • EPS Containers

EPS containers are expanded polystyrene containers that you can use to store food and are disposable. If you are searching whether you can heat the EPS containers in the microwave, then it is advised not to place them in the microwave. The EPS cups will deform from their original structure when you try to heat them, and they may also melt depending on the heat you supply.

Using EPS containers is not eco-friendly. On the other hand, when heating these containers, the styrene present in them will be hazardous to health and may cause cancer. Hence you must avoid placing any EPS Styrofoam cup in the microwave.

  • XPS Containers

XPS containers refer to extruded polystyrene containers. Similar to the EPS containers, you can also use these containers for food packaging. These Styrofoam cups will be light blue since they are better quality than EPS.

These XPS containers may cost more than EPS. If you are trying to figure out whether the XPS container is microwave safe, then it is better to check on the label as there are containers you cannot use in the microwave.

What Are The Features Of Microwave Safe Styrofoam Cups

Isoplastics or polystyrene foam is the raw material that the industries use to make Styrofoam cups. These cups are microwave safe, and they also have the approval of the FDA. Since these cups have better insulating properties, you can use them in the microwave as they will not deform or break like other plastic containers or cups. Hence you can use this as an alternative to other microwave safe cups.

The microwave-safe cups are inexpensive, so that you can get them at lower prices. Styrofoam cups are light but strong enough to use in the microwave. Suppose you are bothered about your hygiene and think whether using these cups in the microwave will be safe for your health.

Most health instructors often advise not to use these types of containers in the microwave, although they contain the microwave safe label. When you bring a cup of coffee home from a restaurant, they will usually give it in a Styrofoam cup.

Occasionally, you can place it in the microwave and heat it slightly before drinking. However, if you don’t want to take any risk, pour it into a glass or ceramic cup before placing it in the microwave.

Advantages Of Using Styrofoam Cups

Now many food industries use Styrofoam comes as they have several benefits. One of the main reasons for using these sups is because you can take these cups easily during transport. When many people gather, it is better to use Styrofoam cups as they are cheap and disposable and will also be hygienic. Using the Styrofoam cups, you can drink both hot and cold beverages, which is also a benefit as some plastic cups will deform when you pour hot beverages. These are some of the reasons why many people use Styrofoam cups.

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Disadvantages Of Using Styrofoam Cups

Although Styrofoam cups are widely used there, there are some disadvantages, and many health sectors suggest banning these items. The styrene present in these containers will produce cancer and immunological disorders. When you heat the Styrofoam cups, toxins like benzene and styrene will leach into the beverage, and consuming it will be risky to the health. Using Styrofoam containers will not be safe for the environment as they will contribute to ozone layer depletion and are not good for humans and animals. Since you will only use these cups once and throw them, it increases the waste piling up.

By reading this article on what Styrofoam cups are microwave safe, you might understand whether you can use them in the microwave and the related consequences.


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