What Temperature to Cook Bacon on Griddle? [Find Out]

what temperature to cook bacon on griddle

Overcooked or undercooked, both can ruin the true delicacy of bacon. The temperature is a significant factor to consider regardless of what mean you’re using to cook to have the peak of its flavor and texture. So what temperature to cook bacon on griddle? (Obviously, as almost all people use a griddle for cooking) 

If you seek perfection for your bacon, you are at the right place. Stick to the article. 

In this disclosure, we will help you attain the perfection you yearn for your bacon to reach. 

We will explain what temperature to cook bacon on griddle, why cook on a griddle, the do’s and don’ts, and more things you need to know to bring the best possible delicacy out of your bacon strips. 

Why Should You Cook Bacon on the Griddle? 

You can cook bacon on anything that can cook it. 

People commonly use an oven, a griddle, or a temperature smoker for cooking bacon. 

While all the available options work, why do we recommend a griddle? 

  • You can cook many bacon strips at once. It will save you time and help you finish the task without much effort and energy. (and, of course, the taste and flavor will be no less) 
  • When using any other saucepan for cooking the strips, the edges often go out of the central plain, resulting in uneven cooking. To prevent it, you will have to pay attention to the edges and do extra work to ensure the bacon is cooked enough. But even then, most times, the middle part will end up overcooked. Since it is very spacious, you will not have this issue with a griddle, and you can lay the strips flat with no potential obstacles. 
  • Using a griddle will also be very easy to flip the strips as there are no problems with edges. A good pair of tongs will get the job done in seconds. 
  • Unlike other appliances, the griddle drains bacon fat into a separate tray. You can take out this fat tray after it has cooled down and store it for later. (Do I even need to go on how foods are bussin with a bacon fat combo?) 
  • Using a griddle, you can evenly cook the bacon strips by adhering to the right time and temperature. 

What Temperature to Cook Bacon on the Griddle? 

Temperature is the ultimate decision maker on how good your bacon will turn out. 

Therefore, paying attention to this aspect is crucial if you want the bacon to be crispy and flavorful. 

Cooking the bacon under the wrong temperature requirements can make it overcooked or undercooked. And both instances will end up ruining the texture and flavor of the bacon. 

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Am I Testing Your Patience?

Let me get back and explain the correct temperature requirements.

Start cold cooking and end it with heat. Confusing? 

Let me elaborate. You should never preheat your griddle as you do before cooking other foods. We make an exception for bacon to make it taste delicious and crispy. But why do we do that? 

Starting to cook bacon on heat can make it stick to the cooking surface and may overcook or burn it. 

To avoid such things from happening, we start to cook on a cold surface. And increase the temperature gradually. The temperature should go up to 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The bacon strips will slowly work on their magic and start cooking the strips. The fat layers will gently and slowly begin to melt and drip off into the drip tray below. 

By cooking this way, the bacon strips will attain their flavor and texture to the fullest and become crispy and delicious. (Do not hold me responsible if you end up craving for more) 

How to Know If Bacon is Cooked Enough? 

So when do you wrap things up and sit down to eat? 

It is straightforward. Keep an eye on the color of the bacon. 

If the bacon has turned reddish and the fat layers are pale and glassy, you’re good to get it off the griddle. 

If you prefer it to be extra crispy, wait a little longer until it becomes more reddish and the fat layers turn into a brownish-gold color. 

Get it off the griddle and enjoy. 

Tips and Secrets to Perfectly Cook Bacon on a Griddle 

  • Use a good pair of tongs when cooking. An unsuitable or improper tong will scratch and tear the bacon strips while cooking. It will also make it challenging to flip it. Delaying the flips can overcook/ burn the strips. 
  • Take care of the fats. Ensure half or more of the fat layers drip away into the tray below properly. If more fat keeps hovering around the bacon without dripping away, it is hard to get the crispiness. 
  • Do not add oil to your griddle to cook bacon. Bacon strips have excess fat and will be enough to get them cooked. If you add extra oil, it will soak the bacon and not get you any crispiness. Adding extra oil will also harm health since the cholesterol content will be over the sky. 
  • If you have ample bacon strips to be cooked, you can cut the strips in halves. This can create more space, and you will be able to place many strips as possible. You can cook more and save time. 
  • If you have leftovers later when warming up, use the griddle instead of other options. It will give the original texture and flavor back to it. 
  • Do not go over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 350 is the maximum limit. You do want the bacon overly cooked and burnt, do you? 
  • Store the dripped bacon grease. You can use it when making other food (vegetables, eggs, etc.). They will taste incredible with a hint of bacon fat. 


Use the griddle control as the ultimate weapon to bring out the most delicious bacon. Pay attention to the heat from the beginning to the end. Go from cold to medium to high heat slowly. Flip the strips at the right time. And significantly, do not go over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 325 degrees Fahrenheit would be ideal. 

If you follow the advice correctly, a good time and delicious bacon will belong to you. 

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