Why are Nugget Ice Makers So Expensive? (Top Alternatives)

why are nugget ice makers so expensive

Are you looking to buy a nugget ice maker for your home and mind blown by the prices of it? Yes, nugget ice makers are expensive as hell. But why? Why are nugget ice makers so expensive? Let us find out.

What is a Nugget Ice Maker?

Nugget ice maker is equipment that condenses snow grains into little chunks, giving the frozen a mushy, spongy feel that absorbs the beverage’s taste.

How Does the Nugget Ice Maker Works?

Water, the only component, makes up ice. How does freshwater become this delicious ice treat? A complicated chilling and batching procedure holds the key to the solution.

Nugget ice producers use an auger method to create small ice particles rather than freezing water as thick chunks. The grains are then gathered and compressed into tiny bits.

Every nugget is made up of tiny, snowflake-like particles, which gives them their delicate, fluffy feel.

Even though this technique appears straightforward in principle, it isn’t straightforward to implement in reality. Because of this, nugget ice producers are often costly and specialized items of equipment.

So Why are Nugget Ice Makers So Expensive?

After reading the statement above, you can typically say it is an effortless procedure; why are nugget ice makers so expensive?

Nugget ice makers are very pricey for they are relatively new technology, as well as the devices’ intricacy and scale render them extremely hard to build. House-using devices are nevertheless recent, and their prices are anticipated to fall as more rivals enter the industry.

Nugget ice producers remain overly costly for a combination of factors. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Let us examine every justification in more depth to discover the true causes of the pricey nugget ice machine.

The Justifications Why are Nugget Ice Makers So Expensive?


Nugget ice machines produce ice chunks in around 15 minutes, as opposed to the approximately three to four hours it takes conventional hefty and high-capacity coolers to transform the same amount of water into ice. What makes them work so rapidly?

Revolutionary technology found in nugget ice machines makes it possible to accomplish this miracle quickly. As flow passes via the device’s chilly steel tube, it turns into a crystal, and a pump shoots out nuggets of ice.

FirstBuild introduced the Opal Nugget Ice Machine in 2015, despite the fact that nugget ice generators have been available in a retail version several times.

It required the business an additional year to finish and distribute first ever nugget ice producers around 2016.

In contrast to professional nugget ice machines, which have been around for a long time, house nugget ice producers are relatively new. As with other latest techniques, they are initially very pricey. When it comes to Nugget Ice Machines, startups are only now beginning to provide comparable goods for less money.

Nevertheless, since there aren’t any knockoffs already, costs are still expensive.


Numerous various production expenses go into making a nugget ice machine. These consist of

  • Cost of raw materials
  • Wage costs
  • Excess expenses
  • Upkeep of offices and factories, etc.

Therefore, you must include the manufacturing cost while determining the price of nugget ice producers.

Machines, like other items, don’t do nugget ice machines since they are still relatively pricey and unique goods. Smaller production often runs the price upwards of large production because there are no scale benefits.

Additionally, whenever the producer creates a product, they factor their gain into the actual cost the consumer is responsible for.

This makes the nugget ice machine more expensive because you must also spend the workers’ wages, salaries, and the company’s gain.


Costs will increase during times of limited availability in the brief term. However, over time, businesses will typically enter the market and provide the same goods for less money.

Due to the lack of supply shortage and insufficient possible revenue, it could be appealing to certain other businesses to produce it if a business produces a costly item with a low gross margin.

The fact that nugget ice machines are still marketed as a high-end item and that they still have a number of drawbacks, including being fairly big, makes them unpopular with several consumers.


Currently, there are various affordable ice producers available. Rather than making nuggets, they produce cubes that are bigger than nuggets.

The value of such goods is, nevertheless, rather poor. Since they are inexpensive plastic components, I will not anticipate them to survive very much.

In contrast, since it is constructed with greater components, Opal Nugget Ice Machine is good value for money. The item is made with premium components and treatments on the inside and outside.

It must be of a high standard since it is marketed as a luxury product. This increases both the pricing and the making expenses.


Shipping expenses increase a device’s total price, but not to an unreasonable extent. Some now add a significant premium to these goods whether you’re outside of the United States.

At the moment, the United States is the main market for nugget ice machines; quite a few countries have them for sale. This frequently occurs when an item is initially introduced.

The Capacity

The nugget ice machine produces ice instantly. There is a compartment, though, if you require ice in large quantities. The ice machine’s scale and preservation capability also affect the device’s production costs.

It is possible to create more compressed, smaller ice producers that price very little to make and distribute since they hold less ice. Nugget ice machines use massive capacity containers and huge shredders to produce the ice itself.

The cost will increase if the large ice appliance is equipped with powerful gear.

What Might Be the Ice Producer’s Lifespan?

A typical nugget ice maker lasts for 4-5 years in general. Nevertheless, giving your ice producer routine maintenance may simply lengthen its longevity. An ice producer’s duration may be scaled up to decades with adequate treatment.


So then, why are nugget ice makers so expensive? Several reasons include the latest tech, material costs, production costs, labor wages, shipping costs, etc. You can always enjoy cubed ice coffee instead of crushed ice coffee if you think it is too costly.

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